Everyone can be prepared to save a life

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Lives can be saved when minutes, even seconds count. Waiting for the Fire or EMS crews to arrive take away those precious seconds.


New guidelines on how anyone can step up to provide simple life saving chest compressions are easy to learn and vital for saving lives.


YOU can help, as a bystander, should someone stop breathing or their heart stops beating.  Bystander CPR can make the difference in life or death.


Mission:CPR has one simple goal: To teach as many people the vital importance and simple steps to perform Bystander CPR at no cost.

Our free program is available to any company, organization, church or small group.


CPR is personal

Jeff Hill, whose own life was saved at the age of 2 via CPR from a family member, is a former fire fighter and EMT, whose mission is to share his story and to prepare others to possibly save lives. He will deliver this presentation, covering the basic emergency steps to be done until the medical professionals arrive.

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Each Free session is about 30-45 minutes in most cases.

The presentation only requires a table and some space to teach the Hands only CPR method.

The class is NOT a certification, no CPR cards will be given.

We ask that classes have a minimum of 10 people. we can accommodate up to 50 per session in most cases.




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